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MetaHelm is a management consulting firm dedicated to visual strategy.

We develop your story and craft compelling presentations that inspire people to embrace ideas and take action.

Leading organizations hire us to facilitate strategic conversations, reveal insights, and present big ideas.

The MetaHelm process

To make powerful presentations, we’re here to start where you are. We encourage a mindset that is open, creative and deeply collaborative. All in 5 steps.

1. Listen

Let’s hear about your ideas. Raw. Unfiltered. Unrefined yet. You will come out of this exercise with a visual map, some peer feedback and an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your message.

2. Reframe

Challenge old ideas and determine a point of view. Here is the time to set  a clear direction, your business goals and what success should look like.

3. Envision

We will develop the first elements of a story: characters and obstacles. Turn facts into ideas that are ready to share. You will have a storyboard in hand.

4. Rewrite

Here, we’ll craft the final form of the story. Realize the narrative through images, words and design.

5. Deliver

The final details that create fireworks in the heart of your audience. We’ll refine verbal and body language, reduce uncertainty and ensure success.

Creative business partner

Guillaume Wiatr is in the business of taking the ideas of thought leaders from flat to fully dimensional‪. Because in today’s ever-changing idea economy‪, business ‪concepts must ‪be clear enough to be quickly understood and meaningful enough to inspire success. To date, Guillaume has boosted the trajectory of companies large and small throughout the US and Europe.

Founder of ‪MetaHelm ‪LLC, he currently helps clients breathe visual ‪life into their ideas,  ‪so they can view ‪them more clearly and rewrite them into impactful stories that engage audiences, drive change, and ‪propel their future.

Throughout his ‪twenty-year career, many clients have come to know Guillaume as a prolific concept generator. Others appreciate his creative problem-solving approach, in which he combines research, design strategy, storytelling,  ‪graphic facilitation, ‪information ‪design, presentation design, and prototyping.

This unique combination of abilities has ‪led Guillaume ‪to ‪build four successful, leading-edge start-up companies, provide strategic advice to a number of ‪executive leaders and entrepreneurs and contribute ‪to several ‪books.

Will you transcend the laws of business as usual?


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